July 28, 2017npower update

Update on Npower after assessment test

One of the Npower spokes person, Mr Afolabi Imoukhuede, has spoken on update on Npower program that is still ongoing assuring all the new applicants that the selection process will be as fair and transparent as it has always been. Mr Afolabi Imoukhuede who made this known through  facebook livechat ask those who have applied to the current Npower program and has successfully write their assessment test to relax and go about their normal routine as there will be nothing hidden in the selection process.

Mr Afolabi Imoukhuede, who noted that several people have been worried as to what is next after they have written their assessment test,  explained that the selection process will only begin after the registration portal is closed. He further stated that only successful applicants will be selected for the Npower exercise. He, however advised against lobbying to get selected for Npower program as it will be of no effect.

Here is an excerpt of his Facebook live chat

“It’s like when you go for a job interview , what will the company always tell you? “We will contact those of you who are successful!”
hey don’t contact the 1million people who attended the job interview. They only contact those who are successful! So stay tuned. This Npower process is as transparent as it has been. For those of your colleagues who are in the program already, they will tell you that you didn’t need to know anybody before you are selected. So you don’t need to know anybody either. We will run a transparent process as we’ve always done.

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