February 25, 2017Ikire born artist

Upcoming Artist,”Package”, urges Nigerian youths to avoid act of violence as election approach

An up-coming Ikire born Artist, Akinkunmi Babasanya Awwal, a.k.a “Package”, while responding to the questions posed to him by the journalists on his new album titled Oleku, has urged Nigerian youths to shun act of violence as the election period get near all over the country.

The upcoming artist, Package, during the interview lamented over the state of decadence of infrastructure and unemployment in Nigeria which has taken toll on many Nigerian youths.

The Oleku crooner explained that the Nigerian youths have to actually plan for their future without not-with-standing the current economic situation.

He admonished the youths that with faith in God, the youths can be anything ones they have plans for their future and such plans are implemented.

Awwal, whose fans prefer calling “Package”, further admonishes the three tiers of governments to invest in the development of every youth in their respective areas, noting that this is the only avenue of showcasing them to the entire world.

Quoting the oleku crooner “Oleku Album is waxing stronger in the market all over the Country is produced both in Audio and Video for the benefit of the people in the country and those in diaspora”.

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