July 28, 2017youth group for democracy in Osun

Democracy has hope in Nigeria if we start to do it right

Democracy is supposed to be a government that ensure that masses irrespective of class, religion as well as political affiliation benefits from and the new leader of a youth based political group in Osun State has said his group is committed to making sure that all and sundry enjoy the benefit of democracy in Nigeria.

Mr Aibinuola who spoke at the first official inauguration ceremony of the executives of the fast growing youth based political group, Democracy Contenders, in Osun state revealed that the group is set to change the mindset of the entire youths in the state.

Mr Olamide who shares his thought during thirty minutes interview with our correspondence in Osogbo after the inauguration of new executives of the group expressed optimism that there is hope for Nigeria as a country in the nearest future.

Can we meet you sir?

I am Aibinuola Olamide, a co-convener of Democracy Contenders, a Nigerian by birth and global citizen with vision. a lover of true democracy.

What are the efforts of your group, Democracy Contenders, towards the success of democracy in Nigeria especially in Osun State?

Well, the group is young but we are gaining awareness very fast even to our surprise. We are working seriously with like-minded group to strengthen the core values of democracy in our society and our course is gaining popularity by the day. Currently we are educating the youths on the need to be active participants in the running of affairs of the state and the nation at large. What really gives birth to the group is the desire to raise the awareness among the youths on the need to add values to our democratic couture. You know changing the statusquo! Doing it right in a way that will benefit all and sundry not just some blocks of the society.

How will you describe the level of awareness of the citizens of Osun in term of current political dispensation?

Well, I will say democracy is developing, not only in Osun state but in Nigeria as a whole. What happened in Osun West senatorial district is not bye election is a signal that peoples’ political awareness has increased. This is a signal to all politicians irrespective of their party affiliation that they need to start respecting the peoples will. A time will come when giving money, issuing threats or power will no longer intimidate electorate in this country. It is just a matter of time. I strongly believe that we will witness more surprises in the future as to what the decision of people will be about who hold political offices in Osun state. The era of political tyranny is fast coming to an end as people are beginning to send message that their votes matters.

Now that you are the new president of Democracy Contenders, what area will you focus on most?

The focus of the group under my leadership will be on the aggressive sensitization of electorate in Osun state to be actively involved in the state coming electoral process, educating them about their rights and how they can make sure that their votes count. More importantly, we are almost at the conclusive stage of the plan to organize the first largest state youth political summit, with other like-minded groups where a lot of issues of national interest will be discuss and we will try to seek a way forward. The summit has nothing to do with any political party. It will be the gathering of youths who are dedicated to finding solution to the long standing problem of democracy in our state and make sure the problem does not re-occur.

What is your message to the people of Osun?

My message to the good people of Osun is that everyone should work for the progress of the state. The progress of the state that we are talking about begins with making sure that only good and leaders with credibility are appointed into our elective offices and civil service. Not minding religion or political interest. These factors have always beclouded electorates’ judgment of character. We should also make sure that only those who know the problem of the people are elected. You see, you have to be living with us in the state before you know where the shoe pinches, obviously right?


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