July 28, 2017nurse that sex like Tina

She know how to pleasure me just like Tina

I never knew i will have to go to hospital this evening. I i was heading home after the days work, I wasn’t expecting anything less of fight from Tina. We had a lot of argument a day before as regarding our relationship but I have no time for argument today. “I will just try to avoid that as much as I could”, I thought.

Stepping into the living room, the only thing that caught my attention was the squeaky clean way my home appeared as if no one had slept there yesterday. I walked across the living room, scratching my temple as a single piece of notepad starred back at me. The note couldn’t be clearer. “Bye Tunde. Tina”

Tina doesn’t naturally call me by my first name, so when she does, there is either good news or bad news. I picked it up and walked to the reading table near the window to drop my briefcase there. “What will I do if I lose Tina? It means…” The vibration of my cellphone brought me back from my taught.

“Hello Lara, how are you?” “Hello boss, there is problem sir. Mum collapse not quit long. I have taken her to Eden City Hospital, she’s lucky I was home early, wasn’t she? “

“She is! I’ll be there. Just make sure she’s given proper care.” I can tell Lara is already disturbed. She has been a good girl, pretty and intelligent. In all are years as my secretary, she has been nothing but above the standard. Even though she suspects my randy attitude, she has never meddled with my affairs and I respect that. So she deserves my support at this time.

Leaving Tina’s thought aside, I quickly drove to Eden City Hospital and was able to locate Lara in no time. I asked about her mum and I was happy to learn that she’s stabilized. She told me the Doctor said she will have to stay over for proper observation. Lara was worried about her siblings. No one’s at home to watch over them. I told her I will stay with her mum that she should go home. May be I shouldn’t have done that but Lara deserve more than that. Besides, it’s not my first time of sleeping over at the hospital.

As it was already late in the night, I tried to call Tina to at least to save what might be left of our relationship. She wouldn’t answer my call so I decided I would have to do more than that. But that’s until down. The hospital ward was quiet now, so I found a spare bed facing Lara’s mum so I tried cramping myself on it. The sleeping woman looks peaceful.

“I just hope she is perfectly ok by morning” I muttered.

“She will be!” a feminine voice said. “My name is Ijeoma, I will be taking care of her for tonight”. I looked up and I saw a dark skinned nurse standing at the door with patient card and drug cart. Her features looked like she could have made a career in Nollywood. She briskly walked in, greet me and proceed to do her duty on the patient. As she was changing the drips and giving injection, I felt hard between my legs. Her movement seemed calculated to arouse me. She has full hips. Her breast, though, concealed between her V-Top nurse uniform looked too real to me. I was so pleased with her sight that I didn’t realize she had been talking to me.

“Pardon me, what did you say? “ She smiled and said “just press this button if you notice anything strange and you try to sleep too. Like I said, she’s in good hands”. She said as she vanished like she was never there. I almost curse myself for having allowed my dirty thoughts shown in my face. A few minutes after, I slept off.

The groan of patient who tried to change her sleeping position jolted me; I didn’t realize I have slept for like two hour. I looked at Lara’s mum, she was still asleep but the drip hung on the stand is almost exhausted. I press the call button a couple of time. Having waited in vain for response, I proceed to go and locate our nurse in the nurses’ common room. I rang the doorbell but there wasn’t any answer. I decided to open the door.

I was amazed at what I saw. There on the flat couch beside the wall was Nurse Ijeoma sitting with headphone covering her ear. She didn’t realize anyone had entered.

Her middle finger was deep between her thighs, massaging her clit just like Tina, while her face was fixed on her iPhone. It was obvious she is wet already.  I looked over her shoulder to look at her phone screen. I gasped at what I saw. She was actually watching porn movie.

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