July 24, 2017Sex dolls for money

Bizarre: Rich men prefer sex dolls to real ladies

Sex dolls are not strange to the modern world any longer as many of its types can be found around Europe. But the bizarre thing, perhaps to African minds, is that the rich men now prefer these artificial partners to the real ladies or their wives as the case may be when it comes to the fulfillment of their sexual desires.

The notion of having extra marital affairs is still unthinkable to some African men let alone the thought of having sex with something that is not human. It definitely doesn’t add up and of course it is a taboo in Africa but the world of science and technology has advanced to the extent that nothing seems to be impossible anymore. Sex and brothel business has taken a new dimension in the developed world like USA, Spain, Ireland, Dublin, France and the rest of Europe as sex dolls are already taking place of real ladies in exclusive corners of these country’s big cities.

It will be recalled that a specialized brothel started offering this services in Spain for the first time when, a it announced it opening in Barcelona. Part of this brothel special offer are the Lumi dolls which are designed to resemble girls from different part of the world and with sizeable breast to complete their features.

It was gathered that some rich men all over the Europe frequented the high class special brothels that provide the artificial partners to satisfy their clients’ erotic desire. Sex dolls are the latest technologically enhanced dolls which designed by American sex experts which have iron limbs and joints instead of bones in human body and have silicon body instead of human flesh. These sex dolls are capable of taking several positions that men could imagined during sex and can move back and forth just like humans. Coupled with these is the capability of the dolls to vibrate and moan, like a girl would, when she’s deeply satisfied in bed.

Information that is available made it known that the rich men parted with huge sum of money just to sexually pleasure themselves for an hour or half an hour. The prices charged by these high class brothels range from 50 Euro to 150 Euro per hour. The men who often go to these all sex doll brothels said they prefer the sex dolls to real girls as it can go any length with you without reservation.

Speaking to Mr. Ayobami Oludare in Osogbo about this trend, he opined that the people involved in this act are not in their right minds as it is against the injunction of Allah and the moral values of humans even the whites.

“Why would men prefer dolls to human being if they are not sick?” He queried. “What is bad is bad no matter the reason you gave to justify it. Even most of the people from the so called advanced countries know this. But if anyone in Africa especially in Nigeria is engaging in such act, then he ought to have his head examined for it is a taboo in Africa and against everything we ever believed in” He concluded.

Foremost sex expert and the producer of realistic human dolls for sex, Matt McMullen, has however restate his commitment to make his dolls better and be the most beautiful sex dolls in the world. He promised that he envisioned a future where people living in different side of the world could fulfill their sex desires with each other using their sex dolls.

“I am moving into the future. I’m going to make the world’s finest love robots” He promised in an interview with 60 Second Docs which is available on internet.

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  1. May the Lord have mercy. The Sodomites have not done up to the half of what this present generation Av done! Yet God is being patient because of the blood of his son Jesus. The time is coming when he (God)will run out of patience and move to the next stage and that is judgement. Let all the evil doers repent because the judgement of God is near.

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