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Woman died after her three kids were sold to ritualist

The mother of three kids who were murdered by the ritualist last week has been reported dead as a result of the shock she experienced over the news of the demise of her kids. The incident which happened at Oke-Onitea Area in Osogbo has put the whole community in a sad mood.

It will be recalled that the news that filtered the air in Osogbo on Monday 17th of July was of the three primary school pupils who were sold to the ritualist for the sum of one hundred and fifty thousand naira each by a commercial motorcyclist who took the kids from their home at Oke Onitea area of Osogbo.

The commercial motorcyclist who has been taking the three kids to school for a while stop in the front of the kids house to take them to school as usual but this time around he does not only comeback without the kids but have sold them for four hundred and fifty thousand naira to the ritualist.

The three kids who were supposed to be in their school to write exam were not sighted in the class by their teachers which made her contact the school authority who later called the mother to inquire for the reasons for absence of her kids in the school especially during exam period. The mother who maintained that her kids have been taken to the school that Monday morning left home to visit the school only to discover her suspicion was real.

The mother reportedly left the school to the motorcyclist house only to found the wife packing hurriedly. After some enquiry, it was learnt that the wife has been contacted to pack their luggage as they will be leaving the town that day. They quickly alerted the authorities who were able to apprehend the culprit.

Rumour has is that the mother of the deceased kids has been in shock since she heard the report of her kids being murdered by the ritualist who her kids were sold to and was unable to regain her consciousness till she died two days ago.

Nefarious activities of ritualist have increased in the ancient town of Osogbo in the past few months following the mysterious disappearance and death of some Osun State University students and the indigenes alike.

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