July 18, 2017osogbo

Panic grip inhabitants of Osogbo over ritual killings

Panic grip the inhabitants of Osogbo over the incessant kidnapping and ritual killings that is now on the rise in the ancient town as body of the kidnapped four years old boy who was reported missing 16th July, has been found dead yesterday at the back of his parent house with his hair and body part scrapped in a ritual manner.

A group of concerned citizens, most of who are women, stormed the palace of Ataoja of Osogbo yesterday in order to bring to the attention of the monarch the kidnapping of the 4years old boy and seek the mercy of the monarch intervene in the matter of the missing child and help them in the securing of the release of the boy in whole and alive. According to the women they are thronging the palace to prevent the killings of the innocent ones by the ritualists.

According to one of the women who thronged the palace on solidarity support for the release of the boy alive who spoke in anonymity, the boy was kidnapped while asleep in the front porch of his house at Oke Ayepe area in Osogbo.

“He was sleeping outside alone because his mother left him with his senior ones while going out. It was at the time his brother momentarily left him to go inside for whatever reason that the boy was kidnapped. We are here to seek the help of Kabiyesi to please help us intervene in this matter so we can find him alive”. She lamented.

The case has however take a new turn as the boy’s body has been allegedly reported to have been found at his parent’s backyard this morning with his hair scraped as well as his manhood. The case is said to have since been reported to the police and still under investigation to bring the perpetrators to book. Our efforts to speak with the parents of the boy were in vain as we are unable to get through to them.

It will be recalled that students of Osun State University, who wore black trousers and shirts stormed the city awhile back with different objects, burning tires and stopping the commuter vehicle in a protest over the incessant disappearance and ritual killings of the colleagues. The protest which brings the commercial activities in the city to a halt was staged over the death of 400 level student of Micro Biology department of the institution, Timileyin Sonibare, who was ritually murdered and his dead body found decapitated near a cleric house at Oke Baale. This situation was described as inhumane by the entire students who were calling on the authority to take immediate action.

In another development, a woman along with other culprits was arrested for conspiring and murder her husband for the reasons best known to her.

The rice in the ritual killings and kidnapping in Osun state  and  in other places like Lagos is said to be as a result of those who are seeking wealth and affluence at all cost. This phenomenon has now become a source of worry for all the citizens of the town who described the city as one of the most peaceful city in Nigeria.

Speaking to Mr Dare Remilekun in Osogbo, he said he’s surprised at the rice of these wicked acts. In the past, this town was known to be peaceful and devoid of these kinds of nefarious activities.

“We can no longer sleep with our eyes closed even under our own roof now; only because we are afraid someone can come in to butcher you in order to make himself rich. Please where do we go from here? My advice is that everybody should be vigilant and report any strange activities to the authority immediately it is suspected before the deed is done. We should be our own police” He concluded.

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