July 26, 2017npower volunteer react over VP speech

Npower volunteers reacts over VP speech

The volunteer of Npower social scheme has begin to appeal to the management and Vice President Yemi Osinbajo over his speech made made on 15th of July with regards to the backlog of salary owed to the Npower volunteers.

It will be recalled that the Vice President Yemi Osinbajo made a it known during his visit to the Npower Response Center at the Niger Delta Power Holding Company (NDPHC) that the Npower initiate owe no beneficiary of the programme as all the backlog of salaries has been paid.

“There is no such thing as backlog. If BVN is certified and everything is checked, then you are paid…if there is a problem with any of your record or the BVN you gave does not match, you can not be paid. The moment your record is cleared, you will get your pay.”

The volunteers of the programe who have been working tirelessly and have not receive a penny as a compensation for their hard work beg the vice president and the management of the Npower to please review the speech and make sure the backlog of salaries for the actively engaged unpaid volunteer are promptly paid.

One of the Npower volunteer who speak to Our correspondent in Osogbo, Miss Aderonke Adejumo, express her disappointment over the speech of made by the Vice President.

“I’m was posted to a very far school, yet i do go there everyday and work tirelessly. The only thing that baffles me is why might salary has not been paid even until now. Not even a month salary! Now the you can imagine my disappointment when i read the speech credited to the president that there is no backlog to be paid any longer. Somebody like myself have done everything to rectify my details with Bank and i have reach out to Npower officials through their portal to correct the same. Its unfortunate that nothing has been done.” She lamented.

“I was hopeful before when the backlogs are been paid but i became skeptical when the payment abruptly stopped since May “. She said.

Most of the volunteers who pleaded anonymity while speaking to our correspondence said they believed the people handling the scheme are not just being sincere.

A volunteer at Osogbo Local government who simply identify himself as Abey said his opinion on the speech of Mr Vice President defers. “Vice President Yemi Osinbajo is a man of integrity and so is President Mohamadu Buhari. I believed the vice president must have his reason for saying what he said. However, it is quite clear that some of our peole have not been paid a dime even till now, most of whom their account profile at the Npower portral does not indicate any cogent reason for delay in payment. Some of these people are really working seriously especially those in schools here. So, it will be heartbroken to know that at the end of all the effort you made to help bild this nation and make a living while doing that has gone down the drain.” He stated.

In another development one of the volunteers, Ogungbile Doyin, confirmed that a month of her stipend has just been paid even after the speech of Mr Vice President. This probably confirm the fact that payment are still being made to those volunteers whose bank and personal details does not have error in any way contrary to the fear of many that they might just work in vein.

However, the volunteers who are receiving their salary up to date and have selected their device are still expecting the distribution of the device anytime soon, as many keep cheking their email everyday to confirm the collection details which is expected to be sent to the individual beneficiary’s email account.

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