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LAUTECH: Where is Messiah to plead for the cause of Students?

Hope the days are not counting back, After more than 10 months face- off between the two owners state Oyo and Osun government on the crises roaming from Ladoke Akintola University of Technology (LAUTECH), the students and lectures has been at the receiving ends. School Academic Activities had been stopped ; had made the leaders of tomorrow to wallow in despair. No pity, No sorrow for student who are idle focus close to one year and the injure it peddle on the government social and economy values.

Israel Fawole, a medical student and Azeez Abayomi, a bio-chemistry student gave their account on a programme which was aired on radio; it was full of conservatism , reactionism and pitiful. Fawole who voluntarily working at Lautech Teaching Hospital Osogbo as Medical Assistant to fascinate his thirst for knowledge practice. After incidents he had saw in the hospital about the numbers of his colleague and Ladokites who had been rushed and died in the process: weep and cry for amnesty from government. The question here is, Are they criminals? He said if government could grant amnesty to Boko haram members, why not for students.

On a part of Azeez, he strongly disagree Fawole’s view on LAUTECH strike. He asserted that this is their fundament right, Right to Education which they are been robbed from; No to begging. If the time they wish to open the school, they will. He said he had used his free time to finished writing his book. Reasonably, why Nigerians needs to beg for their right? Isn’t it their right. Going by what Right means it is something that you are morally, and legally of officially belonged and allowed to do or have, but in Nigeria definition, it is what belong to you that must be begged for. Even a Governor among this two state owners begged for his mandate to be returned to him. Nigeria, is a nation to beg for your right because many comments thrust out that Israel shouldn’t be doing this and don’t forget this is what led to constituency authority then.

To climb a mountain is not a easy task, a lot has been done by both parties. For Ladokties, peace demonstration protests had been carried both to Agodi and Abere Governor offices, articles on different daily newspapers so as much to appear on a front page which is not easy, raise N1billion donation within 90days from generous personalities in the society so as to open the school, consultations and consolations from the nooks and crannies of the country. That made the journey to a National Assembly to proclaim their prayers to the Senate President, Abubakar Bukola Saraki who was quoted to have said “I have spoken to the Minister of Education. A committee is set up between Osun and Oyo State and Federal Government.

Let me make myself clear now that @ NGR Senate as taken up the LAUTECH strike issues, we are not going to stop until action is taken. This gave hope but not yielded result yet.

Measures are also taken by the government of Oyo and Osun State by constituting a visitation panel headed by Chief Wole Olanipekun SAN, to look into the mess that had unexpectedly become of LAUTECH and recommendations submitted from the report was to soliciting the duo in paying its subvention regularly and establish a trust fund for the varsity. But one of the parties was not satisfied with the report. This gave the implication of were the messiah will rise from when Hon. Femi Gbajabiamila was responding to the agitation of the students.” But, there are complications here because we run a constitutional democracy, your institutions was established by two state governments and from your request, it is not that easy for the federal government to take over a state owned institution. But there are ways we can come in because the welfare of citizens is our primary responsibility and the issue of education is shared among the three tiers of government.”

Even the hope for the news students are becoming deemed as LAUTECH admission status can not be decide yet due to uncertainty of resumption date. Therefore, amidst these frustrations and debacles, students have started retracing there steps back by taking another JAMB to rectify their current stay at the school because they have no knowledge of their resumption date. Although some had been active long ago during their first strike by conserving their admissions into private institutions mostly by those who could afford it, while others are yearning for their messiah to come, may be the Acting President Prof. Yemi Osinbajo should rise to the out cry of 34,000 students in face of rapacious of their fundamental right which shouldn’t not be connive with politicking or any self-conceit a citizen should how ever begged for.

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