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Infertility and Its natural cure, an x-ray of Trado-gynaecology 1

Infertility simply means inability to conceive a young one or inability to produce children. Infertility is a position and not necessarily a disease. It is a position that is so heart rending and discomforting for either a man or a woman especially in Africa.

Africa is a world where extreme importance in placed on childbearing. The importance attached to childbearing by Africans is generational. That is why most African proverbs like “Olomo lo laye”, Eni omo sin lobimo”, are centered on fertility.

This state of thing in the marital life of couples has caused chaos and disturbance in the mind of those going through barrenness. Even the state of infertility has caused misunderstanding and break marriage of many. Before I proceed on the discussion on the cure of infertility in a natural way, let me explain the various types of infertility.

Meaning Infertility

Men’s Infertility: This is a situation whereby a man fails to impregnate a lady after several attempt by the couple.

Women’s Infertility: This is a situation whereby a woman fails to conceive or become pregnant after several attempt by the couple.

Categories of Infertility

There are various categories of infertility, but for the purpose of this article, I will only explain two categories namely

  1. First Degree Barrenness: This simply means the situation whereby a woman has never for once conceive or become pregnant in her life or a situation where a man has never for once in his life impregnate a woman.
  2. Second Degree Barrenness: This means a situation whereby a woman has been pregnant at a certain time in her life but later became unable to conceive a child due to some reasons or a situation where a man has been able to impregnate women at a certain point in his life but later become unsterile.

Causes of infertility

Several reasons can cause the various categories of infertility that we discussed above but since the scope of this article is to discuss the solution and no the problem, I will only discuss there of such causes.

  1. Un-wellness of one of the couple: There could be a situation whereby either of the couple is having health challenge. For example:
    1. A lady might have a health challenge as a result of threatened abortion or real abortion which was not properly attended to or a lady may fail to conceive totally as a result of lack of some fertility hormones and so on.
    2. A man may have low sperm count or weak erection and so on which may be the reason for inability of the man to impregnate a woman
  2. Un-wellness of one of the couple: This is a situation where by both man and woman need serious medical attention as both may have health challenges that may prevent them from having child. For example, a woman might have fibroid, ovarian cyst or untreated sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) while a man may have low sperm count or watery sperm, then the couple will definitely be unable to conceive except they have serious medical care.
  3. Barrenness of no cause: This cause of bareness is often associated with nothing in particular except for psychological factor which of course is no reason at all. It is a situation whereby medical expert carried out a detail test and diagnosis and the result comes back negative of all signs of infertility.

Note that in such cases as the third case above, it might be that the natural and appointed time is not yet ripe for the couple to conceive. If this is the case, my advice for the couple is to relax, calm their mind and face their live with the realization of the fact that with prayer and positive attitude, their heart desires will be granted by

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