July 19, 2017woman that overcame unfruitfulness

Human reasoning made unfruitfulness a big challenge

Unfruitfulness has often been dreaded like a plague. Our society especially in Africa made it a standard of a successful marriage and when couples are still in this situation, people see them as unsuccessful couples. Now the major problem is the waiting period for the couple experiencing this challenge for the often experience a kind of mockery from their neighbors and even in social gathering, they feel too shy to talk because of fear of being stigmatized as a barren woman or impotent man.

So, how do we tackle this menace? A woman has of a strong faith and passion for those passing through unfruitfulness stage in their marriage, Mrs Shade Bright Osakue, has a difference approach to this. She said whatever the cause of unfruitfulness in a couple lives, the absolute solution is in God not in medical field or otherwise. She opined that if anyone passing through this challenge can change their thinking, then they can be rest assure that God will definitely give them what they seek for.

“The reason why the challenges of unfruitfulness seem so complicated among us believers is because of our reasoning ability as human being. Although, this reasoning ability is what makes us better than animals but at the same time, it is our undoing.

This sense of reasoning is making us rely so much on our natural ability rather than God’s capability. The case of barrenness in animals is very rare when compare to human. The animals do not have the thinking ability to even worry about fertility yet Lord keeps blessing them with offspring. The animals have no prenatal or ante-natal education and yet they bear healthy children. They do not have gynecological problem like human in their own kingdom and if they do, the scientists have been too quiet about it.

The inability to think by these animals makes them enjoy the grace of the supreme creator, God, concerning fruitfulness. This is because they depend totally on Lord for his provision. No wonder the scripture says:

“Therefore I say unto you, take no thought of your life, what ye shall eat, or what ye shall put on. Is not life more than meat and the body than raiment? Behold the fowls of the air, for they sow not, neither do they reap nor gather in the barns, yet your father feedeth them. Are ye not better than they? Matt. 6:24-25(KJV)

Are you not better than they? That is the question and of course the answer is YES. If yes, what are you now worrying about? The only potent solution to every challenge in life, unfruitfulness inclusive is casting all burdens on the shoulder of the Almighty God and stop worrying about them. Thinking and worrying about them. Thinking and worrying cannot solve the problem. I will rather add to it but absolute dependence and faith in the Lord will do just fine.” Culled from the “Fruitfulness is God’s command”

So, it is our advice that anyone going through the unfruitfulness stages in their marriage should hold on steadfastly and trust in the Lord as he will answer them in due time.

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