July 11, 2017

All hope seemed lost as applicants continue to wait for NPower second batch list

All hope seemed to be lost for the applicants who have written screening exam in the previous year as the new applicant continue writing their screening examination without any message of hope for the remaining applicant in the previous exercise.

The motive behind the Npower program is to position the Nigerian youths so they can help actualize the economic dream of the present administration and the country at large, but this hope seemed to have been dashed to the NPower volunteers who have previously written test and waiting patiently for the second batch to be released.

It will be recalled that the NPower through it officials and the Nigeria Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohamed, has promised on several occasions that it will release the list of 300,000 names of the successful applicants for the second batch to complete the 500,000 volunteer that the program had earlier promised, but the apprehension has continue to grow among the applicants who have written the first screening exam as NPower has commenced screening exercise for new applicants in the recent phase of the program.

Speaking to one of the applicants who simply identify himself as Oludare expressed his displeasure over the non-release of the earlier promised 300000 names of the previous applicants who have written the exam.

“The minister promised the release of the 300,000 names of the Second Batch of 2016 NPower successful applicants by the second quarter of this year, so it is unfortunate that the government is not yielding to its promise. We have not been giving any reason why we are denied to participate in the exercise. Do we all fail the exam? I believe the government should release this list first before they continue the placement of the newly registering applicant if they want us to believe in their transparency” Oludare said.

In another development, one of the applicant who does not want her name disclosed revealed to our correspondent that since she has been denied the opportunity to participate in the previous exercise due to non-payment of salary, she has been trying to apply for the current NPower volunteer mobilization exercise going on.

“I have been trying to apply for the current NPower recruitment exercise but the portal keep denying my application with the excuse of having apply for the exercise in the past, whereas, our salary was not paid” She lamented.

A lot of new applicants of the recent program have applauded the new user interface of NPower recruitment form during the registration process. This they claimed is a welcome development as compared to the previous registration portal which crashed several times as a result of excessive web traffic from all over the country; albeit they frown at the haphazard manner with which the management handles the issue of text message invitation for exam writing. Most of the new applicants have complained that they receive no invitation to write the qualifying exam and have been denied the access in their login attempt to the portal.

They however encourage the management of the NPower program to keep improving on the portal user interface in other to save the volunteers the headaches they go through during their visit to the NPower website.

According Damilare who spoke with our correspondent in Osogbo, he said he believed the current NPower program is only being well scrutinized and more improved in it manner of recruitment exercise as the coordinators must have learned from their previous experience.

“Take for instance the registration procedure though require more information is far simpler in term of the user interface provided for the purpose. Also, the coordinator can now screen people with fraudulent intentions even before they proceed to the test stage as NPower would have mine its database, crosscheck with relevant data like BVN records from bank and fish out the bad eggs. However, i also believe the government as a matter of necessity need to release the name of the second batch of 2016 successful applicants as promised if only to prove the doubters wrong”. He concluded.

Meanwhile, the new exercise continues amidst all criticism.

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