August 2, 2017Burari, President of Nigeria

Impact of President Buhari’s absence in Nigeria

Nigeria is a country which was supposed to be flowing with milk and honey is now being thought to be dry and deserted. Ask a common man why this is so, his first thought will be towards the leaders in the government. Then it is a case of a system which sought to rejuvenate itself in most climes, incertitude but got entangled by itself enunciating for its projection.

A clue to this, does not count in the numbers of subjection which had claimed different predicament on national discourse. Comparison instincts are muddled by the frontier holders of such county and dissident colouration are widely expressed in forms of realization process.

President Muhammadu Buhari stays in London, receiving treatment from his “Saints and Most experts” doctors had made a lot of inconsistent alteration from the corner of viewers citing various instances making the irksome on the whole scenario on the populace.

The outcry of the populace never quashed before the consequential medical pilgrimage to United Kingdom by the All Progressive Congress chiefs and the selected governors from Nigeria both in leading party and opposition party excluding one-top voluntary governor who wished to tell Nigerians, blank white the concealing facts on the president illness in order to get political scores ahead of 2019 Presidential election.

Nobody I say, who believed in God would wish Buhari death, blood in human are grossly identical to each person whenever it stop, man breathe his last breath which end the activity of such person. The power to this is unto the Most Everlasting God.

On the cruise, the Spokesman to the former President Jonathan; Reuben Abati once hinted the point that the visit to the president would later turn to tourism hasty. The saying seemed to have come to reality as the A.P.C delegates are not yet back to the country before another set of representative from Nigerian Governors’ Forum took off to London.

This discretion was early prevented by Presidency which was topmost in managing the little national cake allegedly left by allegedly  gradually on ground. But today, we are seeing our values not truly represented by the leaders of the country which it is inexplicable on the side of government.

To be fair, the government had shown low respect to tax payers in sharing the credible information that are due to the citizens. The citizens are constitutionally empowered to be notified of the nature of the sickness the President is suffering from. All can’t be hidden; some need to pass; to show the diplomacy between been civil and rotten apple. Because a world without accountability; can’t be just and it will be full of self-complacency.

This allegedly is the case as most Nigerians believed that they are not being adequately by the two principal officers whose onus of disclosure falls on as regarding the state of health of the president of Nigeria who happened to be Mallam Garba Shehu and Femi Adesina.

If the image being circulated all over the internet is anything to go by, especially the one in which President Mohamadu Buhari was ascending from Nigeria house in London, then it is clear that the state of the health of the has not really improved. Now the actions are lacking in some sensitive area of administration. This situation could cause disruption in the land, where everyone might take laws into their hands.

Therefore, wouldn’t it be advisable for Mr. President, in order to save the country and history by stepping down and resigning his position in order to fully nurture his health. But we are only humans and by nature we may not want that. That seemed to be the reason why the president still accepts to champion “2018 AU theme on the fight against corruption”.

Nigerians are not satisfied with pictures every time, they need the President to address them. People are feeling neglected when it comes to conveyance of information to the public. The voice of the man they voted for whole heartedly in 2015 need to be heard, this time not sectional message as the one of Eid-il fitri celebration conveyed in Hausa, which is not the adopted lingua franca of the country.

So as to be moderate among the majority and the minority praying daily for the president’s recovery. The President should make use of platform of News Agency of Nigerian (NAN) and Nigeria Television Authority(NTA) in London in stating the condition of his health and convince Nigerians why he can’t receive treatment at home as international media are weighing out mockery why the king lives outside his kingdom. President Buhari is promptly been held incommunicado at the dispense of Nigerians visualization because this is the change in circumstances.

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