July 14, 2017Isiaka Adeleke

Bye-election proves that Adeleke’s can’t be joked with politically

“Adeleke’s can’t be joked with politically” is the first statement that will come into mind when you think of the election result of the just concluded bye-election that took place in Osun West Senatorial District on 8th July this year.

Democracy is beautiful especially when the choice of people is respected. People owned politicians to be accountable any time they want to be re-elected or vote in. This was the notable rare event that took place in the Osun West Senatorial District. No one knew there would be an election before 2019 gubernatorial election, for the people of Osun State to show continuity or face a new dawn in the State. Men processes brain to think, and know not the event which will happen first or last. This was the state of things in Osun before the dealth of the political icon, late Sen. Isiaka Adeleke of blessed memory. Serubawon’s death however brought a chance for citizens to speak and express themselves to the world and Nigeria as a whole and of course the message was sincerely passed.

July 8, 2017; was a day a battle line was drawn between Senator Mudashir Hussein of APC and newly sworn-in Senator Ademola Nurudeen Adeleke and the mandatory approach is to win or lose. Winning and losing is also crucial but was it peaceful? Yes. The voting process went on civic and democratically applauded as reported security operatives and men on the field affirm so.

Mudashiru Hussein have upper hand in getting elected than Ademola Adeleke, you know why? Hussein was one time Senator in Osun and Representative member in Lagos and also a commissioner for Cabinet Affairs in Osun State in the current Aregbesola’s second Cabinet. Pulling all these together you can’t see the chances and the great privilege this type of personality will have in terms of electing in to any position he wished, also having the full support of the current and the Southwest indefatigable Governor Rauf Adesoji Aregbesola While Ademola is rapidly growing politician which antecedent into politics is measurable, fortunately brought into lime-light by the demise of his brother and fully backed by his entire family most especially Dr. Deji Adeleke, the Chairman and governing council of Adeleke University, Ede.

‘Wish of the people’ was justified and celebrated even the Governor of the state stated this. ‘The masses spoke’ votes and margin showed the real winner of the election, though many said those votes came from sympathy from the death of Late Sen. Isiaka Adeleke (Serubawon), internal disagreement in APC which many review as political lordship from the Governor made the way for Mudashiru and washes away Ademola for PDP to welcome him whole-heartily because political studies shows APC would had won gallantly due to sympathy, and a little high acceptance from the people of the state and also canvasing of votes from the people with the full standing machinery. PDP was favored in due time because they got the logic and calculation any ardent politician could hint when looking for a post. And a platform for correction on the side of PDP.

Also, this show the outcry of independent of candidacy from INEC which would boost the dividend of democracy in events like this when any candidate is being devoid of his right in his party, he can shift ground to fulfill his fundamental human obligation in any elective process. On the part of APC, some insinuations was stated that Ede is not crucial in defining the outcome of the election but the lines and the numbers it gave was robust enough to make a political gladiator fall unthinkable and unforgettable. Though the election is gone but it must be known every vote counts, even, commute areas not to talk of Ede having two local governments, this is a lesson for APC. APC had been a bad student of politics; lessons are not learnt from the fall of PDP.

A proverb says ‘Eni ni owu ko to eru, eyi ti yio fi tan ina lomu’, the power of affluence and the power of supremacy was profound in the last election which can’t be denied from the fore-runners in their words and actions. Many principal posts help the PDP candidate; the ill luck and the alleged unaccountability of the state fund in the Aregbesola administration in the handling the affairs of the state, protests from the civil servants for the half salaries, pensioners unpaid arrears and student of LAUTECH voicing out on a closure of their varsity making the polity heating. Political enlightenment and analysis on different radio stations making the people get informed and aware the power they have in getting the government give accounts and can be recheck in another voting process.

A formidable PDP coming together from the Sherif faction and Markafi led caretaker chairman, made Ademola go a free-land speed. It is a success on the part of PDP. With these, i can foresee PDP coming back strongly and a successive election coming up ahead with the outcome and verdict of the Supreme Court for Markafi to be the authentic chairman of the PDP. This is also a good recommendation for a strong opposition in the land. The political stakeholders especially in the leading parties, both APC and PDP, should have it at the back of their mind that people know their right and it shouldn’t be joked with in all form of peculiarities politicians could go by it. The incumbent can try its popularity and acceptance before 2019 by conducting the local government election because power belongs to the people.


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